What you should know about marijuana

February 28, 2020


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Many people normally debate whether or not marijuana addiction is possible. The truth is that marijuana is addictive. It is actually estimated that one in ten people that try marijuana normally become addicted. In fact, many people who join marijuana treatment programs specifically to treat their addiction to this drug. A good way to determine if something is addictive is to see how it makes people behave. You will realize that those people who suffer from marijuana addiction generally smoke it on a daily basis.

On many occasions, the drug can interfere with jobs and school. Addicts normally spend most of their time using marijuana. Did you know that marijuana has some side effects? Some of the side effects include:

brain made of marijuana leafs1. Memory Loss

Short-term and long term memory can become scattered after prolonged periods of smoking marijuana. Once you lose your memory, it is very difficult to get your memory back. This can make it difficult to recall important events in life. In addition, this drug has been known to cause depression in its users.

2. Psychological dependence

A psychological dependence to marijuana is an addiction that gains strength over time. Most users normally find that they need to smoke more of the drug in order to get the same feeling. This actually makes it difficult to quit this drug. This is the reason why these individuals cannot live without this drug. Most of the normally spend more of their income on this drug. It becomes very difficult to quit this drug.

3. Psychosis

This generally refers to a condition I which a person normally experiences some contact with reality. This can include voices and hallucinations/If you are prone to mental illnesses, prolonged heavy use of marijuana can bring on the psychosis. This may lead to a full-blown mental illness. This condition are most often caused by excessive consumption of marijuana. In addition, marijuana has been known to cause anxiety in users. This could be in the form of full-brown panic attack or just a feeling of being uncomfortable around people.

4. Affects the respiratory system

People who normally smoke marijuana normally get sick more often than nonsmokers. They normally miss more days in their places of work due to being sick. It also takes longer to recover from colds if you are a daily smoker. This can be detrimental to your health.

Those are some of the effects of smoking marijuana. Most young people have become addicted to this drug. Most of them perform poorly in schools and so on. It has also made some of them to become very violent to others. This results in fights and even injuries. It leads to an increase in juvenile delinquency.

Most youths tend to become very insensitive and hot-tempered as a result of consuming this drug. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the most active of the chemicals known as cannabinoids that are present in all plants of the genus cannabis. It is in great abundance in the species cannabis sativa. Marijuana has adverse health effects. Quit taking this drug today and you will enjoy the results.